For many travelers, a vacation begins when you reach your destination. When it comes to the Pacific Northwest, miles upon miles of unspoiled wilderness create a stunning scene through every window, turning your vehicle into a moving stage. Best of all, our conveniently placed rentals provide easy places to stop, start, and rest on your quest for scenic seclusion. 

For a journey that’s as fun as the destination, here are four great pacific northwest road trips you can’t miss! 

The Mt. Hood Scenic Byway

Distance: 105 Miles

Driving Time: 3-4 Hours

This scenic drive takes you on a stunning journey around the edge of Mount Hood, the highest point in Oregon and one of the most iconic landmarks in the Pacific Northwest. The route winds along the OR-35 and OR-26 highways from Hood River to Wood Village, offering mesmerizing views and fun activities every step of the way. Gaze at the vibrant fruit orchards and vineyards in the Hood River Valley, journey to Timberline Lodge for jaw-dropping views of Mount Hood’s soaring glacial peaks and descend into the surrounding Mount Hood Wilderness. 

The full drive takes about four hours, but is so packed with history and activities that you’ll want to stay awhile. Rhododendron, a historic village about halfway along the route, is a perfect place to stop for a stretch or a night. Here, you can visit the West Barlow Tollgate, the site of the final Toll Station on the original Oregon Trail, before heading to Eagle Falls Lodge for a rejuvenating rest in rustic splendor!

Seattle to Leavenworth

Distance: 117 Miles

Drive Time: 2 Hours 19 Minutes

While not the fastest route from Seattle to Leavenworth, I-5 to US Highway 2 is by far the prettiest. This scenic drive follows the original route of the Great Northern Railroad, winding through the Cascade Mountains via Stevens Pass before ending right at your destination. Along the way, you can stop in charming communities like Gold Bar and Index, enjoy panoramic views of Wallace Falls and the Skykomish River, and stretch your legs at one of several popular trailheads that span the route. 

Your journey ends at Majestic Pines Lodge, a cozy home just minutes from Stevens Pass on the Wenatchee River. This elegantly appointed lodge offers peaceful tranquility near all of the convenience and recreational activities Leavenworth has to offer!

Cannon Beach Drive

Distance: 5.8 miles

Drive Time: 10 minutes

Although not a long trip, the coastal drive from Arch Cape to Cannon Beach is as scenic as they come. Beginning at your Sunset Retreat rental, you’ll head north on US Highway 101, passing miles of pristine coastline and charming oceanfront communities. You’ll also wind near the best beach landmarks in the area – Hug Point, Arcadia Beach, Jockey Cap and Silver Point, and of course, the legendary Haystack Rock. It’s a great way to see everything the Cannon Beach area has to offer – without getting sand in your shoes! 

At the end of your drive, stay coastal at Ocean Villa, a sprawling hilltop retreat at the end of Ecola Park Road. You’ll enjoy unimpeded oceanfront views from your spacious deck and be just ½ mile from the beach and downtown!

Saanich Inlet to Victoria

Distance: 29.6 kilometers

Drive Time: 32 Minutes

This fun expedition lets you explore the vast array of natural and historical attractions that dot the southern tip of Vancouver Island. From your Otter Rock rental on Saanich Inlet, head south on Patricia Bay Hwy/BC-17 until it reaches downtown Victoria. Along the way, you’ll ride along the east coast of the island, skirt the Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park, and pass through the charm of Saanich before arriving in downtown Victoria. There are days of endless fun to be had in this vibrant city, so drop your bags at Beach Drive Manor before venturing out to explore its many parks, attractions, restaurants, and more!