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Are you wondering what your home will have, and what you’ll need to bring with you? Here is some info to help you understand the difference between packing for a trip to a hotel, and packing for a stay in a vacation rental.


Please read the information below and reach out to us if you still have questions. We have a chat option on our website, or you can reach us by phone or email.


If you run out of any consumable supplies we’ve provided, like toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc, you will be responsible for replenishing and purchasing what you need for the remainder of your stay. We are not able to deliver more supplies. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and for planning ahead!

We Will Provide

  • Sheets and Towels

    One set of linens per bed, and one bath towel per person. If there is a hot tub or pool at your home, one additional towel per person will be provided. Most homes have a washer and dryer so you can wash your laundry or linens as needed. If so, a starter supply of detergent will be provided.

  • Toilet Paper

    A few rolls per bathroom. This is one supply that’s great to bring extra of.

  • Shampoo & Body Wash

    A small starter supply. This is one supply that’s great to bring extra of. There should be ample hand soap for your use.

  • Dishwasher Detergent (if applicable) and Dish Soap

    Dishware and utensils, pots and pans, and all the soaps you’ll need to wash them.

  • All-Purpose Cleaner and Sponges

    Unlike a hotel, a vacation rental is not cleaned every day. We will provide these items so you can take care of little spills and messes as they come up.

  • Garbage Bags

    Ample kitchen garbage bags. Please check the bottom of the can, under the sink, and in the pantry.

  • Dish Towels

    Yes. Please wash them as needed.

  • Paper Towels

    One or two rolls. This is one supply that’s great to bring extra of.

  • Coffee Maker

    A drip coffee pot and filters are provided (unless otherwise noted as a k-cup in the listing description or your access info).

  • Hairdryer

    At least one per home. If multiple guests will be needed a hair dryer at the same time, we recommend you bring additional with you.

  • Baby Equipment

    A pack-n-play is stored away for your little ones in case you need it. Please note that linens are not provided for these.

  • Grill

    Most homes have a propane grill. If so, a starter supply of propane will be provided. If there is a charcoal grill, we do not supply charcoal, so please bring your own. The listing description and/or access instructions should note what kind of grill the home has.

You May Want to Bring

  • Extra Toilet Paper, Shampoo, Body Wash, Paper Towels

    You can never have too much!

  • Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Ziploc Bags

    May have a small selection, but it's best to presume not.

  • Salt, Pepper, Spices

    May have a small selection, but it’s best to presume not.

  • Toys and Games

    Many of our vacation rentals have a few games for your family. However, we cannot confirm which home has which games, as this changes frequently. We highly encourage you to bring your favorites with you!

Please Bring Your Own

  • Groceries and Condiments

    One of the ways to be budget conscience with a vacation rental is the potential to avoid eating out every night. You’ll have access to a refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, and grill; so bring your favorite foods, condiments, and spices to enjoy together. We do not stock condiments or spices, but there may be some remaining from previous guests. Apologies, but we are not able to check to see what is on site immediately prior to your arrival.

  • Coffee, Cream, Sugar

    Take advantage of the coffee maker provided by bringing your favorites.

  • Additional Toiletries

    Insect Repellant, Pain Reliever, First Aid Kit, Sunscreen, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Razor and Shaving Cream.

  • Flashlights

    You just never know when you're going to need it. Power outages are rare, but they do happen. Make sure they're fully charged or you have back-up batteries! Bring multiple flashlights so that more than one person in your group can see at a time!

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