What creates a 5-STAR rental experience? We’ve compiled a list of components we think will create the “Wow” factor that guests love about a great vacation rental! If you’re interested in more information or would like help accomplishing a higher score for your rental, let us know so we can help make that happen at info@kabino.com.

Floor rate/ min nights

  • Our revenue management team and software do a great job of adjusting pricing and the minimum required nights for a stay based on the market and seasons. If you have too high of a floor rate, or minimum price per night, your property may not compete well with other homes.

Maximizing occupancy (permitting)

  • Most homes are limited based on factors such as the square footage of the home as well as the septic system. A high-scoring rental will maximize these factors for the highest possible allotted occupancy.

Maximizing occupancy (sleeping arrangements)

  • Based on your permitted occupancy, does your rental utilize the space well for a high number of sleeping arrangements? Depending on the size of your home, having rooms with single beds, as well as high occupancy rooms with bunkbeds, and sleeper sofas is ideal. 


  • With working and schooling from home becoming more ‘normal’ in our society, high-speed internet is becoming a must-have rather than an amenity. A high-scoring rental will have the highest speed available (for the area and the home).

Decor: A well-decorated home will display a number of the key features below. 

  • Interior
    • Personalized and unique decor in every room
    • No blank/ boring walls
    • Clutter free
    • Clean, newer, nice carpet / floors clear of major scratches
    • Throw pillows and blankets in rooms and seating areas
    • Lighting: Ample lighting in each room, soft light (lamps) in each room, dimmable lighting in main living/ dining/ kitchen areas
    • High end or unique fixtures 
  • Exterior
    • Unique welcome mats and decor leading to the home
    • String lights on patio/ deck
    • Citronella candles
    • Entryway: keyless entry, walkway solar lights
  • Entryway: contains coat rack, hooks, or closet, shoe rack or mat, bench, mirror, welcoming lighting
  • Dining room: kitchen table and seating for max occupancy, table decor and placemats, chandelier or decorative lighting, safe and secure booster seat/ high chair
  • Living room: enough comfortable seating for max occupancy, side tables and lamps
  • Bedrooms: blackout curtains, screens on windows, ceiling or floor fan, extra blankets and pillows, lockable door knob (easily unlockable from outside), bedside lamp, phone charging ports, trash can, closet or dresser, upgraded mattresses/ toppers
  • Bathrooms: lockable door knob (easily unlockable from outside), hair dryer, towel rods or hooks, basket/ shower shelf for supplied items, high-end or unique/ durable finishes
  • Linens and towels: WHITE, quick dry and soft/ plush, memory foam and quick dry bath mats, black makeup washcloths, hot tub towels are extra large and can be striped/ non-white 
  • Laundry: a large set of washer and dryer (non-high efficient) located inside the home. Amenities should include laundry basket(s), iron and ironing board, as well as drying rack/ hooks. If the home hosts more than 12 people or has bedrooms on multiple floors, more than one set of washer and dryer creates a much more efficient rental. 

Amenities: A high-scoring rental will have an abundance of the amenities listed below.

  • Interior amenities: 
    • Smart TVs in each bedroom and shared living spaces
    • Fireplace (electric, propane, gas) – wood-burning fireplaces are not considered an amenity as guests are typically not allowed to utilize them due to safety concerns and insurance limitations
    • Air conditioning
    • Pet friendly (provide poop bags, dog water/ food bowls, crate(s))
    • Gaming table(s) (pool, ping pong, foosball, air hockey)
    • Family-friendly books and board games
    • Sound system for Pandora, Spotify, Amazon music, etc.
    • Gaming system with games (Wii, Xbox, etc)
    • Karaoke machine
    • Kitchen
      • Contains a dishwasher
      • Children plates, cups, utensils
      • Unscrated and matching pots and pans
      • Additional appliances: Keurig, drip coffee pot, coffee grinder, crockpot, griddle, blender, rice maker, waffle maker, tupperware, etc.
      • Self-sharpening knife block
      • High end kitchen sink and fixtures
  • Exterior amenities:
    • Hot tub (covered and not exposed to the weather)
    • Fire pit w/ seating for max occupancy
    • Green/ lush lawn to play and walk barefoot on
    • Lawn seating/ picnic table(s)
    • Outdoor activities: horseshoe pits, cornhole, lawn darts, soccerball, football, volleyball, tree swing, hammock, etc. 
    • EV charger

Offseason usability (winter)

  • Washer and dryer located inside the home
  • Water lines/ crawl spaces free from freezing damage or easy to manage 

Parking availability/ Driveway / Exterior condition / Garage

  • Is there adequate parking for the maximum occupancy? 
  • Smooth drivability and no divots
  • Is there room for trailers as well as for them to maneuver when snow accumulates and is plowed
  • Home and deck is painted/ stained/ chinked 
  • Sign at the end of the driveway w/ address, property name and Kabino w/ number?
  • Motion lights for driveway and front door
  • Garage: available to use (not used for owner storage), heated, clutter-free, shelving/ storage for guests, extra fridge/ freezer, exterior keypad for entry (we do not recommend garage door openers due to their propensity for being lost )

Safety Measures? 

  • House (including deck, railing, flooring) is up to code and in good condition
  • Grill is not placed in garage or enclosed area
  • Bunk bed top railing and ladder pass safety review (high railing and closed together ladder steps)
  • Fire extinguishers easily accessible, and smoke and CO2 detectors are adequately placed

Self marketing– Consider asking for a marketing packet from your implementation manager at Kabino to self-market your home on your social media to boost its visibility to your friends and family!

  • 5 top pictures to feature 
  • Link to property
  • Short description
  • Top (call out) amenities

Partner with an Experience Marketplace

Consider a professional property manager that has access to an experience provider. It has been proven for years that guests look for something to do before they book a property. 80% of money spent on a vacation is spent on experiences such as tours, restaurants, special trips, and more. Kabino has partnered with Scouted.com to provide an extra line of revenue for home owners as they can monetize the guest traffic coming through their property on more than just booking revenue.

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