Got plans for an awesome Island Park adventure getaway? Make sure to include a hassle-free ATV tour to add some spice to your vacation! With many companies offering rentals, we’ve put together a few of our favorites. These companies have excellent records of offering fuss-free rentals, so you can add these to your list, book early, and be ready to be off in an instant. Get ready for some Island Park ATV adventures!

High Mountain Adventures

Great for first-timers, set appointments to secure your spot! High Mountain Adventures is adept at handling large group rentals and will be a walk in the park for a small family as well! 

Left-handed? Set your worries to rest! A left-handed throttle vehicle is ready just for you! Going above and beyond your needs may well be this company’s motto! A fantastic support awaits you as the vehicle also comes with a GPS to help you on your adventure.

Start off with a phone appointment, then be ready to set off an epic adventure! Helmets, safety gears, GPS, rental packages that will fit not only your budget, but group perfectly! You can choose from a whole day or half-day tour. 

Novice rider? Do not worry! The guide will point out to you trails that will guarantee you stay safe and happy! 

You can choose between easy and challenging tours – no matter which you prefer, you are guaranteed a fantastic view of the beautiful mountainside. So be sure to bring your camera along and have those instagrammable shots! 

Yellowstone Adventures

Want a company that is guaranteed to take care of its customers no matter what age they are? Then, you have come to the right place! From excellent customer service to safety guidelines and processes, GPS-equipped vehicles guaranteed to keep you on track, worry-free booking, and hassle-free procedures, this is the rental company to do business with! Guaranteed to make your vacation a memorable one, Yellowstone Adventures is very much recommended and enjoys rave reviews from customers.

Booking early will guarantee you a vehicle on the date you make your trip: do not make the mistake of booking late as you might not be able to secure one. Whether you wish for a fast vehicle for that adrenaline-pumping ride or a steady one with a smooth ride in mind to enjoy the beautiful scenery, this rental company has it; you only need to name it. You can choose packages of either half-day or whole-day. Please note: if you wish to enjoy the miles and miles of the breath-taking view of the mountains, better book the whole day package. 

Before setting off, a brief orientation will be provided to your group. To maximize your riding experience, be sure to take note of the best trails the guides will recommend to you and hold on to the map that will be provided. You would not want to be lost, but no worries! The GPS will lead you right back. Oh, if you forgot to bring gear along, some can be rented at a minimal amount. 

We’ve also put together some of our absolute favorite trails – take a look!

High Mountain Adventures Tours

Big Springs Tour
Difficulty Level: BASIC

Duration: 1-2 hours

This tour focuses on the basics of riding a snowmobile at a slower pace along our trail system. With Island Park’s most iconic view of a natural spring, Big Springs, we will guide riders through groomed trails sandwiched by snow-covered trees to this famously beautiful spot.

Moose Tour
Difficulty: BASIC

Duration: 1-2 hours

Moose tours are explicitly aimed at viewing the resident moose of Island Park. All of our guides are locals who know the locations moose commonly roam. This tour will take you through meadows and along trails in hopes of seeing and photographing moose.

Back Country Tour
Difficulty: MODERATE

Duration: 4-5 hours

This tour is designed for riders with little experience in the backcountry who want to learn and practice the basic skills of backcountry riding. These skills include sidehilling, carving in power, and backcountry safety practices. We will explore destinations of what makes Island Park snowmobiling world-renowned.

Yellowstone Adventures Tours

Two Top Loop Snowmobile Trail

Two Top Loop Snowmobile Trail enters Idaho and connects with a groomed trail network on Targhee National Forest. National Recreation Trail.

See the snow ghosts of Two Top on the most famous trail in all of North America! Two Top Trail is a popular choice for its variety of terrain and 2,000-foot elevation gain. The trail is groomed, and powder fields abound. This trail has everything and makes it one of the most visited trails in the system. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will enjoy this well-groomed trail. This trail is a large loop with plenty of extra off-trail riding for those in search of more adventure. There are numerous bowls out there with drop-offs and overhanging cliffs. The bowls are great to ride, but make sure you know where you are out there.

On clear days you can view the Teton Mountains and be treated to an incredible panorama of the entire region. The surrounding mountain ranges from the upper areas come into view, including Wyoming’s Teton, Idaho’s Centennial Mountains, Lionhead in Montana, and Yellowstone National Park. Constantly driven winds create ghostly ice patterns plastered on the trees at the top of this mountain, creating the famous “snow ghosts.”

Starts and Ends: West Yellowstone (30-mile loop)

Area Map: Gallatin National Forest Visitor Map

South Plateau Snowmobile Trail

South Plateau Snowmobile Trail enters Idaho and connects with the groomed trail network on Targhee National Forest. It is also connected with Two Top Loop.

South Plateau Trail can be accessed from Electric Street right in West Yellowstone. This is a quieter trail and is recommended for novice to intermediate snowmobiler. The trail runs along the boundary of Yellowstone National Park and is your best opportunity to view the moose of the region. You can ride this trail out and back or link it up with one of the other trails to make a great loop ride. (Be sure to pick up a map from the Chamber of Commerce or West Yellowstone businesses.) Be sure you know how long these loops are and where the nearest gas is along the way.

The South Plateau heads south for 13 miles where it meets the Black Bear Cutoff (to Idaho) or 16.2 miles where it meets the Black Canyon Trail. It provides excellent, views of the area’s mountains, following creeks and rivers away from the crowds. There is an abundance of off-trail riding but make sure that you do not enter Yellowstone Park (the trail skirts the western edge of the Park).

There is a 5 mile groomed alternate route off the main trail south of town called Whiskey Loop Trail. This Loop leaves and re-enters the main South Plateau Trail.

Area Map: Gallatin National Forest Visitor Map

Lionhead Snowmobile Trail

The Lionhead Snowmobile Trail can be accessed via Two Top Loop or Targhee National Forest trails.

Lionhead Trail offers an exciting experience for those seeking something more radical. Following the east side of the Continental Divide, the trail climbs to over 10,000 feet. It is also one of the shortest and steepest trips in the area at around 16 miles. The trail is groomed on a regular basis and provides access to the backcountry and more extreme riding and Lionhead Mountain.

Area Map: Gallatin National Forest Visitor Map

Big Sky Snowmobile Trail

Access Big Sky Trail Snowmobile from West Yellowstone via Horse Butte Loop or from Fir Ridge parking area. Parking space is limited. Access is groomed from Horse Butte Loop to Fir Ridge and from Fir Ridge parking area 8 miles toward Cabin Creek every other night. Trail is marked from the end of the groomed portion to Taylor Fork. Taylor Fork is groomed weekly beginning January 1.

The Big Sky Trail provides some of the best backcountry snowmobiling in Montana. This 40-mile trail begins just north of West Yellowstone. The first portion is groomed, but the trail quickly turns into an un-groomed powder experience. The Big Sky Trail is not groomed as often as other trails in the area. If you are in search of fresh powder, you may find it here. The trail begins from West Yellowstone and heads north along the western boundary of Yellowstone National Park. From West Yellowstone, there are seventeen miles of groomed trail followed by thirteen miles of ‘un-groomed powder’ until it reaches the Sunlight Basin Trail. About 9 miles out of town, the trail crosses the highway and heads northwest. After the road crosses the highway, the area opens up into the Cabin and Tepee Creek area. This area has open bowls, deep powder, happy snowmobilers and a forest service cabin that can be rented. Though the scenery can be breathtaking, you will seldom see wildlife due to the immense powder and thick forest. Deep fields of snow and outstanding hill climbing opportunities are the hallmarks of this well-known and challenging trail. This is a trail for more aggressive riders looking for backcountry access. (Try Carrot Basin and Skyline Ridge.)