In the old days, traveling at Halloween really didn’t happen. Most years Halloween falls on a weekday which means kids are in school, parents are at work, and real life just didn’t leave room for adventures! These last few years, however, big changes have taken over our lives, and many schools offer fall breaks while other schools have maintained an online presence, ensuring we can travel whenever we like! So as you begin to contemplate spending your favorite spooky holiday in the heart of Idaho, our hometown of Coeur D’Alene, we would like you to also contemplate a stay in one of our comfortable and stylish vacation escapes! This guide to a Coeur d’Alene Halloween spent in one of our Kabino holiday hideaways in the beautiful town will ensure that every minute will be ghoulish and wonderful!

All Hollow’s Swing, Cos-tomb Dance at the Premier Ballroom, 3909 N Schreiber Way

The beauty of dancing combines with the gory thrills of costume at the Premier Ballroom on October 22 with our Elektro Dance Academy. Come alone or with a partner and for just 10 dollars, you can learn with the best or show off your best dance moves on a night built for entertainment. Prices will be offered in a variety of categories and the music will instantly transport all dancers back to the golden days of swing, guaranteeing that a frighteningly good time will be had by all!

For the Littles

When you tell the kiddos that you are planning a vacation that will take them away from home on Halloween, their first fears will naturally be about missing trick-or-treating! We know the spirit behind this fall holiday but in their minds, it’s all about costumes and candy, and can you really blame them for worrying? Kabino wants to immediately relieve your entire family of any concerns they may have in this regard (and we say the entire family because you KNOW you will be sneaking into the goody bag the minute your sweet little Elsa or scary miniature Michael Myers falls asleep!) There are definitely going to be plenty of opportunities for safe trick or treating, including trunk or treating in downtown CDA. Taking place on October 31st from 4-6 PM, the stores of downtown CDA will be filled with little monsters and princesses safely begging for treats! The best part of this experience is that while the children are doing their thing, parents can get in a little extra-curricular shopping in the background. Of course, the neighborhoods of our Lake City are safe and decorated to celebrate this spooktacular holiday, so feel free to drive through one that looks particularly exciting and interesting, and keep your fingers crossed that one or more of the homes will offer the full-sized treats!

Forgot Your Costumes?

Maybe you hadn’t read this article, or perhaps in the flurry of packing and checking in online you simply forgot to add the costumes to your baggage, we can assure you there will be many places from which you can purchase costumes. The standard department stores, of course, always have something and as you might expect, a Halloween Spirit store is located right here in Coeur D’Alene at 507 W. Kathleen Avenue, but for those who really like to go all out, the Costume Place, 2315 W Pellinore Way in nearby Post Falls offers a gigantic selection of incredible costumes, many of which can be rented so visitors won’t have to worry about finding room in an already stuffed suitcase on their return trip!

All the Comforts of Home

The best part of your Coeur d’Alene Halloween escape to Idaho, however, is destined to be the moments spent inside our Kabino Coeur D’Alene sanctuaries. Offering that cabin experience with a luxury feel, guests immediately feel at home when they step inside. Soaring ceilings and top walls of windows let in the beauty of the Idaho landscape while keeping out the cool weather that starts with the fall season. Fireplaces add warmth and romance and for our guests that always run a little chilly, a cozy and colorful throw can usually be found tossed over the back of our plush sofas for additional warmth! Fully equipped kitchens offer everything to make a family feast or can be used for brewing coffee and cocoa and keeping your wine chilled. Vacations, even ones enjoyed during the holiday seasons are meant for quiet, peace, and doing only what you want to do if you only want to dine out during your visit, Coeur D’Alene has a wonderful selection of restaurants! At night, serene bedrooms ensure that every night’s sleep will be the deepest and if sleep doesn’t come easy for you, deep soaking tubs in the bathrooms and the occasional hot tub on the back deck will help slow your mind down and ease you into happy dreams! (If you don’t eat too much candy, that is!)

Choose Kabino

Offering a vacation experience filled with comfort and luxury, your Idaho escape will be one you never forget when you choose Kabino. Reserve your favorite today!