Utah is one of the best places to see fall foliage, visit great attractions, events and festivals. The last two weeks of September are usually the ideal time to find the best fall leaves in Utah’s mountains. Leaves may be mostly green in the valleys, but fall colors typically peak around the third week of September in scenic canyons and on hiking trails – the very personification of a cure for sore eyes and tired souls. Seeing the beauty of nature firsthand, and the wonderful transformation it does on its own without human intervention will make you marvel at how great the universe is!

If you are one of those whose idea of a vacation is someplace quiet and crowd-free, Utah is the best place to be during the fall. Knowing fully well how crowds can really change a person’s perspective of an otherwise awesome experience, when you visit Utah in the fall you usually encounter less crowds.

With the coolness of the fall season, and the crowds gone, you get the place practically to yourself! You get those awesome pics without someone accidentally being caught in the frame. Whether you’re a local, new in town or just cruising through it, the town of Hurricane has loads of great tips and events! After your nature trips you can venture to the Saturday Market, or downtown’s Farmer’s Market or Red Acre Farm. Family camps are also available if you are up to the challenge.

What about dropping by to see Judd Pumpkin Patch in Paragonah? Get outside the city a bit and get a feel of the country by venturing into this place where you can find many varieties of pumpkin and even pick yours right off the vine!

The autumn season in Utah is perfect hiking weather! Moderate and comfortable, not too hot and definitely not cold! Autumn’s deep blue skies peeking through amazing natural bridges are a perfect backdrop to those great shots you can take during your adventure. You can try out the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System, or simply chill out in the State Park where the lake was so beautiful and serene, the water clear and just warm enough for a swim while kayaking.

Perfect for a family getaway, or even with your group of best pals, you will never regret choosing this place for your next great adventure! With the crowds gone and the tourist spots almost completely yours, you get to savor and really enjoy your vacation. Lower rates as the summer crowd has left will be the icing on the cake! Feast your eyes on the colorful hues of fall and enjoy this time with your loved ones!

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