With accessible roads and trails offering breathtaking views of Salt Creek, rivers, forests, and the incredible Wyoming Ranges, the Grey’s River Trail is one you cannot miss. This fantastic trail is a perfect mix of trail and off-trail adventure.  You would feel like you have the wilderness to yourself with its heart-stopping views! 

The best time to visit is during the summer.  The days are not so hot, and it gets nice and cool as the day ends…just perfect to gather around a bonfire with your friends! But, it’s truly a wonderful place to experience year-round!

Driving through the main road is by itself a feast for the eyes; you get a view of the Salt River Range to the west and the Wyoming Range to the east.

Some of our favorite trails to take note of:

  • Trail 10002: (Murphy Creek Road) is the most leisurely and most scenic trail.  Be sure not to miss it!
  • Trail 10146: a short side trail from Deadman Creek (Trail 10005). Vail Mine is on the top end, and a few old buildings and a large ore bin can be seen here. The downside to this is there is a tendency for traffic to build up here, but it’s still an excellent place to visit. If you do decide to check this out, it is an hour round-trip.
  • Trail 10123: (Blind Bull Creek Trail) is right after Deadman Creek, a comfortable and slightly inclining trail that will lead you through an old mine.
  • Trails 10140 and 3081: will lead you through some flowery meadows. During the spring, you can find a large creek crossing with water well over the footboards.  A remarkable sight but be extra careful, as it can be slippery!
  • Trail 10256: this trail climbs very high, offering great views of Salt River Range’s main ridge. No worries, there is no need for a 4×4 as the road is moderately slanted as it goes up.
  • If you wish for a bit more of a challenge, you can take on Trail 10214 to Trail 10255. Take note; this is an ATV-only trail. Moderately tricky with logs and rocks to traverse, this trail is one of the most fun to try to add more spice to your adventure!

Bring a map and choose your adventure! Whatever the season, the Greys River and its excellent trails are sure to offer you an unforgettable outdoor experience! Be it with your family or with your friends, time spent in these surroundings is sure to fill your heart and your soul for that much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle!  And we’ve got the perfect Kabinos to serve as home base for your adventures!