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Welcome to the Grey Wolf Retreat, a wonderful cabin nestled in the stunning East side of Island Park. This Island Park rental is situated on five acres of pristine wilderness and offers visitors an unparalleled experience of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and a cozy retreat all rolled into one.  

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Property Walkthrough: Grey Wolf Retreat

Property Walkthrough: Grey Wolf Retreat

As you step inside the cabin, the open floor plan and great spacious room welcome you with warmth and comfort. The decor is rustic yet elegant, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by natural wood and stone, a perfect blend of modern amenities and classic cabin charm. With its large windows, the great room provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and wilderness, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your stay. 

The Grey Wolf Retreat features a bunk area ideal for up to ten kids to have their own space, making it a perfect choice for large families or groups of friends. The cabin’s bedroom and bathroom layout includes a queen bed on the main level and four bedrooms on the upper level, including one bedroom with a queen bed, a single over a single bunk bed, and three bedrooms with queen beds and single over single bunk beds. The loft area, which we consider the sixth bedroom, includes two single over single bunk beds, making it a cozy spot for kids or teens. 

The cabin’s commercial kitchen is large, fully equipped, and designed to inspire your inner chef. Whether cooking for a large group or a cozy dinner for two, the kitchen has everything you need to create a delicious meal. And if you’re in the mood for outdoor cooking, fire up the barbecue and enjoy a cookout on the back deck. After a day of snowmobiling or ATVing in the stunning mountain ranges, you’ll love hanging out on the back deck and patio area. With a large fire pit nearby, it’s the perfect spot to sit around the fire, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the company of your loved ones. 

The Grey Wolf Retreat was originally a Bed and Breakfast, and it’s easy to see why. The cabin’s layout and amenities make it the perfect place for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the good life. Whether you’re snuggling up by the fireplace, enjoying a movie in the great room, or exploring the great outdoors, the Grey Wolf Retreat is a place to build traditions and memories that will last for years. 

An Unbeatable Location

Island Park, Idaho is a hidden gem of the West, tucked away in the shadow of the mighty Teton Mountains. The town is located in Fremont County, Idaho, and boasts some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the region. The average weather in Island Park is characterized by mild summers and cold winters. The summer months typically see average temperatures in the mid-70s, with occasional heat waves pushing temperatures into the 80s or even low 90s. Winters are much colder, with average temperatures hovering around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The area is also known for its abundant snowfall, which can make for excellent winter sports activities like snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing. Despite the cold, Island Park’s pristine natural beauty attracts visitors year-round. From the stunning vistas of nearby Yellowstone National Park to the crisp, clear waters of Henry’s Fork, there is no shortage of outdoor recreation opportunities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re an avid fisherman, a hiker, a photographer, or a nature lover, Island Park offers an unforgettable experience that will keep you coming back time and time again. 

Tasty Dining Options

Island Park, Idaho is a destination that offers more than just outdoor adventures and beautiful scenery. It also has a thriving dining scene that can satisfy any appetite. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite after a long day of hiking or a gourmet meal to celebrate a special occasion, you can find delicious food in town. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients and a dedication to quality, the dining options in Island Park are sure to impress even the most discerning palates. From juicy burgers to fresh seafood, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, with friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere, dining in Island Park is not just about the food, it’s also about the experience. So, whether you’re a local looking for your next favorite spot or a visitor exploring the area, be sure to check out the many dining options Island Park offers. 

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The Grey Wolf Retreat in Island Park, Idaho is a one-of-a-kind cabin that offers visitors an unparalleled experience of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and cozy relaxation. With its rustic yet elegant decor, spacious great room, and fully equipped commercial kitchen, this cabin is the perfect choice for large families or groups of friends. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to book your stay! 

Why is winter one of the best times to visit Yellowstone National Park? It is the perfect time to spot precious wildlife and see the park in a whole new light!

Geothermal wonders and extraordinary landscapes have drawn visitors to Yellowstone National Park for more than a century. Still, there’s no better time than winter to discover how the place transforms into a wildlife wonderland.

While Yellowstone is home to many species, only a few special ones peek their heads out during the winter months. For one, Yellowstone is considered home to roughly 99 wolves that live within 10 packs. Yellowstone is known to be one of the best places to spot these wonderful creatures, with their gray and black coats in stark contrast to the white snow. And, they are much more active in winter, so get your cameras ready!

For lovers of big animals, you can also get a chance to see bison at play. During winter, bison are known to foray closer to the warm pools by the Old Faithful geyser. Yellowstone is also prime habitat for large elk herds. You’ll find these gorgeous creatures grazing in the fields. Moose, however, are a bit more elusive.  But if you are lucky you’ll see these solitary creatures in the marshy areas. It’s often recommended to take a wildlife tour to see these magnificent creatures safely and to have a better chance to view them.

The beautiful creatures you can discover are almost limitless. Bighorn Sheep can be spotted in the rocky cliff sides. Coyotes and foxes can be seen running across meadowlands, searching for food. You can also watch them hunt and chase down prey in a stunning display of the natural life cycle. The adorable short-tailed weasels and pine marten are also a joy to see as they scurry across winter ski trails.

This is also one of the best times of the year for bird lovers to spot the majestic bald eagles relaxing in trees above rivers. And wait, there’s more! You can also be among the lucky ones to spot one of the mountain lions, as this area also offers a suitable habitat for these large predators. Cougars prefer rocky terrain and forested areas, as these provide perfect cover as they hunt for their prey.

The winter is the perfect time to make some family memories near Yellowstone and to be able to revel in these sights. Imagine being in a cozy, warm home and hearing a lone howl, echoing through the valley and splitting through the crisp winter air. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can experience so many awe-inspiring sights and sounds!

So, pack your binoculars, get the whole family together, and come and explore this incredible winter wonderland! Don’t forget to end your night by cuddling up by the fire with some hot cocoa. It’s the perfect way to cap off the day. Check out all of the fantastic places to stay by visiting today!

Whether you want to ride the rapids or enjoy a leisurely float, the rivers near Yellowstone National Park will not disappoint! Whatever your desire, there is a place suited just for everyone- kids, grandparents, and the adrenaline-pumping groups. You can find your perfect whitewater rafting experience here!

For starters, you can try out these two – The Yellowstone River near Gardiner, Montana, and the Snake River near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

From lazy floats to splashing rides, The Yellowstone River is ideal for families. Not too rough, but not too dull. Here you get the most stunning scenery: Yellowstone Lake, the Upper and Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone, a 2,000-foot-deep canyon on the north side of Blacktail Deer Plateau. 

Bring the whole family with you and have a great experience splashing around while out in the open, with the sun touching your skin while you marvel at the scenery. The excellent Yellowstone River winds for almost 700 miles, and throughout is the magnificent view of nature! The Yellowstone River flows along one of the park’s borders, making it a unique way to see a different side of the landscape.  Then it flows east through Montana and North Dakota, eventually pouring into the Missouri River, offering tons of rafting fun along the way! It’s a great stretch of the river whether you are looking for splashes or something more. It’s not overwhelming, so it’s pretty much suitable for everyone no matter what age you are!

Another great place for whitewater rafting is the Snake River near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Rafting and floating is the best way to appreciate nature, especially during summer as it helps you beat the heat as well! With the Snake River guaranteeing you more than 1,000 miles of fantastic and popular rafting spots, it runs from Grand Teton National Park through Jackson Hole, the area surrounding Jackson, Wyoming. What better way to take in nature in a peaceful setting unobstructed by roads, buildings, or any other human-made structures than to go rafting or tubing?

The Snake River offers rafting and lazy scenic float trips, just perfect for everyone who simply wants to enjoy the outdoors. Some points along this waterway might require you to pump some adrenaline as some spots need muscle to navigate through the rushing water. Many boat companies offer boat rental for these slightly rough spots for the adrenaline junkies. 

If you choose a more laid-back approach to rafting, you can take a scenic float trip. Then, enjoy a quiet trip down the Snake River within Grand Teton National Park and experience the park in a unique way. Bring along a camera or binoculars because it’s possible to see various wildlife, such as bald eagles, moose, elk, and otters. Take pictures and revel in the magnificent scenery of Grand Teton National Park and its surrounding area full of majestic trees.

As these places are suited for the whole family, someone as young as six years old is allowed, but depending on the water behavior, the minimum age requirement might vary.

It’s a great time to get on the rapids and rivers of the West. Let us help you find the perfect spot for your vacation today!  Just check out, pick your favorite vacation rental, and pack your bags!

Meat Lover? Vegetarian? Looking for some soup, salad, or pizza? Food is truly an adventure in Island Park, Idaho! Whether you are after a slice of Mexico, or a taste of China, or simply a good old American dish, it’s here! We’re highlighting some of our absolute favorites here today. We know you’ll love them, too!

After a long day outside, you can grab a bite at Café Sabor. This riverside delight with outdoor dining offers their hit, called a Spinach Cheese Appetizer. You cannot miss the fried ice cream and a delicious, thick, and crunchy coating with a topping of strawberries or caramel and some whipped cream. Chips and salsa can be a good meal balancer, and blackened salmon with fruit salsa is an absolute winner.

Are you looking for something heavier? Ribeye steaks will make you drool! This gem off the snowmobile trail has a name you won’t forget either. Boondocks Restaurant is an American nook that also offers vegan dishes. So if you have a vegetarian or vegan friend, they can tag along while you enjoy your juicy ribeye steak! A great wine list awaits you, too. It’s the perfect spot!

TroutHunter has an exceptional Bar & Grill that is the perfect gathering place for anglers. Enjoy delicious fine dining in a casual atmosphere. You’re going to love the views of Henry’s Fork from the bar, restaurant, or patio seating. From delicious sandwiches and burdgers, to delectible ribeyes (including Bison!) there is something for everyone.

Are you looking for a romantic spot on this busy trail? You and your special someone can grab a table in this gourmet restaurant with a tranquil view of the river. Henry’s Fork Lodge and Restaurant offers one of the best menu lists on this side of the trail. Each meal is carefully curated with the best ingredients and executed to perfection. With its peaceful location in the woods you will, without a doubt, have a memorable meal with your partner. Be prepared to be blown away by the ambiance, great service, and excellent dishes!

Island Park truly has a long row of excellent restaurants, and whatever your tummy desires, you’ll indeed find it here! Make your meals as adventurous as your trip to Island Park! The area offers excellent spots for families, for groups of friends, and even for a romantic treat! After a day of activities in Island Park, you can guarantee you’ll be in for a culinary adventure with any of these spots.  And we have many vacation properties that would serve as the perfect home base for your getaway.  Check them out at!

If the first snowflakes of the season have you reaching for a pair of skis before a cup of hot cocoa, a winter trip to the Pacific Northwest may be the getaway for you. The area’s natural beauty only gets better as summer crowds thin and thick blankets of fluffy snow turn stunning landscapes into scenes of winter wonder. Whether you prefer to spend your winter days skiing, snowmobiling, or simply sightseeing, these four great destinations top the list of best places to enjoy nature this winter in the Pacific Northwest. 

Yellowstone National Park

A natural wonder year-round, there’s something especially magical about the country’s most famous national park during winter. Bustling crowds are replaced by miles of quiet solitude. Billowing steam and boiling water erupt from under thick blankets of snow. Dark, wooly wildlife roam through drifts of white, foraging on sparse grass and sipping from icy streams.

Best of all, the winter season offers new ways to explore the park’s picturesque landscape. You can hop on a guided snowcoach or snowmobile tour, don a pair of skis or snowshoes to explore the snowy trails solo, or take an exciting dogsled ride through Paradise Valley. At night, retire to your lakefront cabin at Duck Duck Goose, where you can view the Northern Lights dancing over the water from your private outdoor deck.  

Whatever you choose, you’ll soon learn firsthand why those who live near Yellowstone say winter is their favorite season. 

Mount Hood

Nothing says winter like soaring snow-covered peaks, and you’ll find plenty of them around Mount Hood. As the highest point in Oregon, the area is a dream escape for those who want to ski, snowboard, sled, and sightsee through a pristine winter wilderness. 

Six nearby ski resorts offer plenty of winter play for visitors of all ages and skill levels. Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows are the biggest, each offering daring elevations and dynamic runs full of slope-shredding action. 

If you prefer to stop and soak in the views, try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing the scenic Crosstown Trail, Government Camp’s longest and most accessible trail. 


Nestled in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, Leavenworth is the quintessential winter wonderland. Soaring glacial peaks, forests of frosted evergreens, and a picturesque Bavarian village full of snow-dusted rooftops are just some of the ways the winter season takes over this charming mountain retreat.

Boasting thousands of acres of pristine winter wilderness, the area around Leavenworth is a perfect winter playland. If you want thrills with your chills, try shredding the slopes at Stevens Pass or racing over 150 miles of snowy trails on an exciting snowmobile expedition. For a more scenic snow adventure, book a magical sleigh ride or explore the terrain at your own pace on a family snowshoe adventure. 

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach paints an entirely different scene during the winter than in the warmer months. Sunny days are traded for dramatic winter storms and frenzied ocean waves. High tides and heavy winds leave miles of secluded shoreline ripe for winter beachcombing. Stunning sunrises burn off wintry morning fog, revealing herds of majestic Roosevelt Elk grazing in meadows

You won’t see much sunbathing, but there are plenty of other unique ways to enjoy the Oregon Coast when it’s cold. Head to Ecola State Park’s Tillamook Head for stunning views of approaching Pacific storms. Savor an afternoon shower by exploring one of the area’s nearby rainforest trails (you’ll be getting wet anyway). If you visit during the annual winter migration, you’ll catch nearly 25,000 grey whales swimming just offshore as they head for the warmer waters of Baja, Mexico. 

While winter may look different this year, booking a Pacific Northwest getaway with Kabino is as easy as ever. Browse our great destinations and book your stay today! 

Are you itching for an unforgettable winter experience? Grab your camera, wrap yourselves in winter-garb, and get your hearts ready for an exciting and fun-filled winter tour in a Yellowstone Snow Coach!

Where to go? You will love embarking on one of the luxurious snow coach tours that Yellowstone has to offer. There are tours of various destinations within the park, including the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Old Faithful. The tours often highlight wildlife, scenic viewpoints and sometimes offer an activity like cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

A Yellowstone snow coach features either the Bigfoot vehicle or one of the Mattracks vans. Either one makes for a comfortable ride right into the thick of some of Yellowstone’s most famous features, including its waterfalls!

Speaking of waterfalls, with a height of 30 feet high, the Moose Falls waterfall is a plunge type waterfall on Crawfish Creek. Just west of Yellowstone’s south entrance on Crawfish Creek, Moose Falls earned its name in the late 1800s after explorers of the area saw the abundance of moose that use Yellowstone as a habitat. Moose Falls is a majestic attraction that spans 45 miles so be sure to have your camera ready!

Lewis Falls is another spectacular sight for sore eyes when embarking on your Yellowstone snow coach tour. At 43 feet high and 200 feet across, it is larger and more magnificent in person than what we see in pictures. Just two miles south of Lewis Lake, Lewis Falls is near the halfway point of Yellowstone’s south entrance and Grant Village. Named after the famous Meriwether Lewis, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, these falls are a sight to behold when passing by on tour.

Of course, no Yellowstone snow coach tour would be complete without visiting the park’s most famous geothermal feature – Old Faithful. Yellowstone is the Earth’s largest active geyser field with prominent thermal features such as Old Faithful, Morning Glory Pool, and the colorful Grand Prismatic. These geysers erupt during regularly scheduled times throughout the day, blasting super-heated water as high as 184 feet into the air. It’s even more majestic in the wintertime!

The Grand Prismatic is the largest hot spring in the United States and the third-largest in the world. What makes it so grand? This is the most photographed thermal feature in Yellowstone! Its crazy-bright colors make it so memorable, and you will be riding by in awe as you take in its magnificence from your snow coach. The multicolored layers of the spring get their hues from different thermophile (heat-loving) bacteria living in the progressively cooler water around the spring. And the deep blue center? That’s because water scatters the blue wavelengths of light more than others, reflecting blues to our eyes!

If you’re planning a winter getaway to Yellowstone National Park this year, be sure to book one of the Yellowstone snow coach tours that will take you past these fantastic features. CLICK HERE for some convenient links and info on the companies that offer these!  If you are looking for a truly unique wintertime experience, look no further than these grand excursions into these largely unoccupied lands!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls and nature, and let your senses take it all in.  You’re going to love the way your favorite national park looks in the winter!  And we have many Kabinos that are conveniently located near Yellowstone that are the perfect home base for your adventures!

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Island Park, ID and Yellowstone National Park then we’ve got some great ideas, no matter which season you visit! With a plethora of fun activities, incredible sights to see, and so much more, there’s no wonder that so many come back again and again to discover the beauty and charm.

Cool Fun Awaits In Winter

Did you know: Island Park and the West Yellowstone area have earned the nickname “Snowmobiling Capital of the World!” Once you visit, it will be easy to see why. You’ll be amazed at the landscape and the miles and miles of trails.  It’s the perfect destination for those who are fans of endless exploring in fresh powder! Plus, there are several snowmobiling tours and guides if you’re a novice and looking to learn more.

For those who love fur babies, the Dog Sled Race is also held here during winter. It is an exciting experience with events for mushers, spectators, and all kinds of dogs! This is one of the only spots to view this within the United States as well. 

Spring Has Sprung … Fun New Activities

As the snow begins to melt, new activities abound in the area! Put your worries away and get ready for some fun. In the area, you will love trying your hand at some world-class fishing, ATV riding through unique terrain, horseback riding, boating, white water rafting….the list goes on and on!

Yellowstone National Park is America’s first national park, established in 1872. Some of the wildlife living within the park are grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. Yellowstone National Park is also where you will find Old Faithful and a collection of the world’s most extraordinary geysers and hot springs, as well as Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon.

If you plan on going geyser-watching and you are with your kids, have their eyes peeled for bald eagles in the trees and trumpeter swan on the river. The spotting doesn’t usually get good until about 6 or 7 miles in, where the Madison River starts running right beside the road. You will also likely see elk and bison!

Summer Sun and FUN!

Around July, a round of activities are available leading up to the Fourth of July. It includes a hot air balloon rally, craft fair, antique show, rodeo, parade, community breakfasts, barbecues, and of course, fireworks! This 4-day event is perfect for families and good bonding activity for the whole family!

What better way to start a fishing season than with an excellent hot breakfast of pancakes with syrup and butter, hash browns, sausage, and various beverages?! Best of all, it’s FREE! This is an annual event from 6 a.m. – 1 p.m. the Friday before the fishing season begins. Anyone is invited to participate in this free breakfast paid for by the St. Anthony Chamber of Commerce. There is also a program and special guests for the kids like Woodsy Owl and Smokey Bear.

FALL for Yellowstone and Island Park

With thinning crowds and colorful foliage, fall is a spectacular time to visit Yellowstone. Plus, many of the park’s iconic animals tend to be more visible in the autumn, when cooler temperatures prompt them to move to lower elevations.

While Yellowstone can’t claim New England’s fall foliage fame, the park’s landscape does dazzle with golden aspens, yellow grasses, and red-leafed shrubs. In a typical year, the peak time for viewing color in the park is from the last week of September through the first week of October. Some of the most colorful spots are Mammoth Hot Springs, the Lamar Valley, Blacktail Plateau Drive, and Lewis River near the falls and the Lewis River Canyon.

Hiking a trail is a great way to enjoy panoramic views of the fall foliage. Just make sure you’re prepared for widely varying temperatures or inclement weather. Bicycling enthusiasts can also take advantage of Yellowstone’s fall bike season, which begins when park roads close in early November. 

There are so many amazing things to do in Yellowstone and Island Park all year round – it’s worth visiting multiple times!  We’re here to help you plan your escape!  So pick out your favorite Kabino to serve as home base…and let the fun begin!

A vacation can be more than just for relaxation and exploring the sites.  It can be a great way to get in some learning as well! We have Kabinos located in some stunning and unique places – perfect for learning about the environment, about our country, and about a variety of topics in the sciences and beyond. We’ve put together a couple of our favorite spots and resources that are perfect for learning and discovery when you vacation. They’ll help you get familiarized with the area you’re staying in. Check them out!

Visit the Old Faithful Visitor Center

The Old Faithful Visitor Education Center features displays on Yellowstone’s hot springs, mud pots, fumaroles, and of course its world-famous geysers.  Scientists take advantage of these extreme environments to conduct research at one of the greatest living laboratories in the United States. Children will love the Young Scientist Exhibit, which contains hands-on exhibits, models, and much more. This is a great place to discover information about the flora and fauna that you can see in the area as well, and has plenty of resources about the park overall, 

Grand Teton Park Resources

Take your educational offerings to new heights by exploring the curriculum materials, and even Distance Learning programs available through the Grand Teton National Park! The Park offers unrivaled access to outdoor learning experiences. Located in one of the biggest temperate-zone ecosystems on the globe, you’ll be exposed to wolves, moose, & billion-year-old rocks – highlights of the park!

A Great Pit Stop in Alpine

At the junction of the Greys and Snake Rivers, you can find the Alpine Visitor Center.  Guests can visit to learn about the surrounding habitat and the abundance of wildlife that call it home. Located off Highway 89, this makes for a great stop on the way to Yellowstone or Jackson Hole. The Center has many guides, maps, and books that will enhance your experience in the area.

Another great spot in Alpine? The Alpine Nature Center is the best place to learn all about all of the unique animals, plants, and more in the Alpine area. They also have a plethora of information on their website about what’s in bloom, what you’ll see exploring the area, and so much more.

Are you ready to inject some adventure and discovery into your vacation? Then all that’s left is to pack your bags, pick out that perfect Kabino near these amazing natural wonders, and get started!  


There are few places on the globe that offer the scenery and outdoor adventures to match the Pacific Northwest. That’s why this unique area is richly populated with National Parks that protect its natural beauty and give visitors the chance to explore its wilderness.

If you’re new to park-going, the sheer number of National Parks in this area can seem overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you see? Where do you stay? Luckily, we’ve made this helpful guide to make planning (and living) your national park adventure as easy as possible. Read on for the top six can’t-miss national parks in the Northwest!

Yellowstone National Park

Even novice parkgoers have heard of the wonders that await at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. This complex and diverse landscape became the world’s first National Park in 1872, inviting nature enthusiasts the world over to explore its unique geothermal landscape. From active geysers to bubbling hot springs to the world’s largest petrified forest, park-goers will find plenty of unique outdoor experiences to create memories and adventures as you explore the wonders of this historic national park. 

What to Do: Hiking, photography, sightseeing and camping are the most-popular activities in Yellowstone. During the summer, you can also enjoy fishing, swimming and boating at Yellowstone Lake. 

Don’t Miss: Old Faithful. The park’s most-famous attraction is a natural geyser that erupts every 90 minutes, offering visitors an awe-inspiring view at nearly 130 feet in the air. Find a seat near the geyser boardwalk or hike to the overlook point for an aerial view.

Where to Stay: After a long day, Little Fox cabin keeps you in rustic comfort just minutes from Yellowstone National Park. 

Grand Teton National Park

Located just 10 miles south of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton may be less known than its famous neighbor – but it’s no less mesmerizing. The park boasts 310,000 acres of stunning mountain landscape, ranging from the major peaks of the Teton Mountain Range to the mountain valley known as Jackson Hole. Its changing elevations give visitors plenty of diverse ecosystems to explore, from glittering alpine lakes that mirror soaring mountain peaks to lush valley floors teeming with flora and wildlife.

The park is known as a historic hotspot, its first explorers canvassing the area almost 11,000 years ago. Some of its rock formations are the earliest you can find in any American National Park, dating back some 2.7 billion years! 

What to Do: Hiking, sightseeing, swimming and boating are the most popular recreational activities in Grand Teton National Park. 

Don’t Miss: Mormon Row. This iconic historical site gives visitors a glimpse into life on a Mormon homestead in the 19th century. The road is dotted with original homestead barns framed against spectacular mountain backdrops and is popular among professional photographers and travel enthusiasts alike. 

Where to Stay: Teton Harmony is a luxurious mountain hideaway just minutes from Grand Teton National Park. Get in the hiking mood with an invigorating session in your private weight room, and retire to your personal hot tub for some relaxing TLC when the day is done! 

Crater Lake National Park

If you’re new to national park journeys, Crater Lake National Park is the perfect place to get your feet wet. Its namesake lake is the deepest and clearest in the United States.  At nearly 2,000 feet, its volcanic depths are fed almost entirely by snowfall, giving it a reflective sapphire hue you have to see to believe. Surrounding the lake are more than 180,000 acres of mountainous peaks and evergreen forests that reflect off the water in postcard perfection.  You’ll be Instagram-famous with these pics!

What to Do: Obviously, boating and sightseeing are the most popular activities in the park during the busy summer months. During the winter, visitors can enjoy cross-country snowshoeing and skiing to explore the landscape. 

Don’t Miss: The Rim Drive. This scenic driving trail surrounds the lake and offers 30 distinct viewpoints where you can stretch your legs and overlook the park from a birds-eye view. 

Mount Ranier National Park

Mount Ranier, the park’s namesake peak, is an active volcano that soars more than 14,000 feet to the most glaciated peak in the continental United States. Wildflower meadows and ancient forests line the outer rings of the mountain, offering park-goers a dramatic climb full of stunning scenery and thrilling pursuits. 

What to Do: Mountain climbing, hiking, winter sports, and scenic drives are the most popular recreational activities in the park. 

Don’t Miss: A trip to Paradise. No matter what time you go, the Paradise area of the park is one of the most popular spots for visitors. During the summer you can soak in views of its lush meadows full of blooming wildflowers; during the colder months, it’s a prime area for winter sports and snow-lovers.

North Cascades National Park

Hardcore adventurers will love the snowy glaciers and isolated wilderness that stretch across North Cascades National Park. A picture of rugged terrain, the 700,000-acre park is known for its stunning combination of cascading waterfalls, jagged peaks, alpine lakes and deep valleys. The majority of the park lacks basic infrastructure and is only accessible by foot, making it one of the most strenuous (but rewarding!) national park adventures in the state. 

What to Do: Hiking, mountain climbing and boating are the most popular recreational activities in the park. 

Don’t Miss: Stehekin Valley. This secluded community nestled at the foot of the North Cascade Mountain Range is only accessible by foot or ferry. Its unspoiled culture, history, and dramatic landscapes make it the perfect base from which to explore North Cascades National Park.

Olympic National Park

With more than a million acres of diverse landscapes and wildlife, Olympic National Park is the place to go if you’re seeking ecological diversity. The park encompasses miles of wild coastline, lush rainforests, and glacial peaks that provide stunning views and recreational fun for visitors of all ages. 

What to Do: Hiking, tidepooling, camping and fishing are the most popular recreational activities at Olympic National Park. 

Don’t Miss: Taking a trip into the Hoh Rain Forest. One step into this lush, dense canopy of trees, moss and wildlife, and you’ll feel like you’re hiking through an enchanted fairy tale. Stop by the visitor center first to grab a map and get some advice from the knowledgeable park rangers. 

Got your park itinerary ready? Then let’s #PackYourBags and get started planning that adventure!

Did you know: Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first National Park! The park is famous for its wildlife and its incredible and extensive geothermal features. With hiking, camping, fishing, geysers, wildlife and so much more, there is no shortage of things to do in Yellowstone.  So, how does one exactly plan a visit and be sure to get the very best that Yellowstone has to offer? Let us help, by giving you some unique and memorable things to do during a trip to Yellowstone that will fill an entire week full of fun and adventure.

Day 1 – View The Old Faithful Eruptions

Start your week off with a bang!  There are nearly 500 geysers in Yellowstone, and although Old Faithful isn’t the tallest geyser in the park, it is definitely the most popular one. Make sure you check out eruption times at the Old Faithful Visitor Center. Intervals range from 60-110 minutes and eruptions usually last 1.5-5 minutes, with its maximum height ranging from 90-184 feet. It is absolutely a sight to behold!  The Old Faithful Lodge Porch is one of the most coveted viewing spots to take it in.  And don’t forget to grab some cookies and sweets!

Day 2 – Visit the Grand Prismatic Spring

The 3rd largest spring in the world, the colorful Grand Prismatic is located in Midway Geyser Basin. There is a 0.8-mile boardwalk loop that provides an up-close encounter with the spring. Make sure you stay on the boardwalk! It’s a stunning part of the trip that you cannot miss, and a great way to mark your second day in the park.

Day 3- Hike Uncle Tom’s Trail

There are plenty of places to see the grandiose Lower Falls in Yellowstone. Although it’s only a 0.8-mile roundtrip hike, the 300-step steel stairway is what makes this trail unique. The descent down the canyon is a little tough, but the view definitely makes up for it! The trailhead is located near Canyon Village and is a great way to get in some steps and some exercise.

Day 4 – Experience the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Fun fact: Yellowstone has its own Grand Canyon. Just like the Grand Canyon in Arizona, erosion formed this canyon that stretches approximately 20 miles long and a half-mile wide. Lower Falls can be viewed from several vantage points: Red Rock Point, Artist Point, Inspiration Point, and Lookout Point. Enjoy the stunning canyon views, and be sure to photograph the Lower Falls during the Golden Hour.  It’s spectacular.  And it’s one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the park.

Day 5 – Explore Norris Geyser Basin

Norris Geyser Basin is the oldest, hottest, and most dynamic of Yellowstone’s thermal areas.  The highest temperature yet recorded in any geothermal area in Yellowstone was measured in a scientific drill hole at Norris: 459°F at just 1,087 feet below the surface! It’s not just the temperatures that make Norris so notable, though.  You should see the colors! They are so impressive, thanks to a combination of minerals and life forms. So be sure to grab some great pics! The basin consists of two areas: Porcelain Basin and the Back Basin. Porcelain Basin is barren of trees and provides a sensory experience in sound, color, and smell; a 3/4-mile bare ground and boardwalk trail accesses this area. Back Basin is more heavily wooded with features scattered throughout the area. A 1.5-mile trail of boardwalks and bare ground encircles this part of the basin. 

Day 6 – Visit the Unique and Stunning Mammoth Hot Springs

As you can tell, there are a lot of must-see attractions in Yellowstone. Among the geysers and waterfalls is Mammoth Hot Springs, a collection of hot springs with travertine terraces made up of limestone. The formations resemble a cave turned inside out. Colorful stripes are formed by thermophiles or heat-loving organisms. It is incredible, and unique!  Be sure to plan for plenty of time inside the Albright Visitor Center to explore Yellowstone’s history and to learn about wildlife.

Day 7 – View Wildlife in their Natural Habitat

You can see wildlife almost everywhere in Yellowstone, but the two best places to see them are Hayden and Lamar Valley. Hayden Valley is located centrally in the park, and is the easiest place to get to when viewing wildlife. Driving along this valley, you are most likely to see herds of bison, scattered gatherings of elk, and the occasional bear. You can stop at one of the pullouts along the road to have a better view of the wildlife. The Lamar Valley also provides a great opportunity for viewing some of the most famous residents of the park, such as bison, bears, pronghorn, elk, marmots, osprey and much more.

There is so much to see and do in Yellowstone. You’ll definitely need a week to take it all in! And after each day, you can settle in at your favorite Kabino to rest up and recharge for your next day’s adventure.  Let us help plan an amazing and unforgettable trip for you!  Visit and get started planning today!