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What creates a 5-STAR rental experience? We’ve compiled a list of components we think will create the “Wow” factor that guests love about a great vacation rental! If you’re interested in more information or would like help accomplishing a higher score for your rental, let us know so we can help make that happen at info@kabino.com.

Floor rate/ min nights

Maximizing occupancy (permitting)

Maximizing occupancy (sleeping arrangements)


Decor: A well-decorated home will display a number of the key features below. 

Amenities: A high-scoring rental will have an abundance of the amenities listed below.

Offseason usability (winter)

Parking availability/ Driveway / Exterior condition / Garage

Safety Measures? 

Self marketing– Consider asking for a marketing packet from your implementation manager at Kabino to self-market your home on your social media to boost its visibility to your friends and family!

Partner with an Experience Marketplace

Consider a professional property manager that has access to an experience provider. It has been proven for years that guests look for something to do before they book a property. 80% of money spent on a vacation is spent on experiences such as tours, restaurants, special trips, and more. Kabino has partnered with Scouted.com to provide an extra line of revenue for home owners as they can monetize the guest traffic coming through their property on more than just booking revenue.

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