Are you itching for an unforgettable winter experience? Grab your camera, wrap yourselves in winter-garb, and get your hearts ready for an exciting and fun-filled winter tour in a Yellowstone Snow Coach!

Where to go? You will love embarking on one of the luxurious snow coach tours that Yellowstone has to offer. There are tours of various destinations within the park, including the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Old Faithful. The tours often highlight wildlife, scenic viewpoints and sometimes offer an activity like cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

A Yellowstone snow coach features either the Bigfoot vehicle or one of the Mattracks vans. Either one makes for a comfortable ride right into the thick of some of Yellowstone’s most famous features, including its waterfalls!

Speaking of waterfalls, with a height of 30 feet high, the Moose Falls waterfall is a plunge type waterfall on Crawfish Creek. Just west of Yellowstone’s south entrance on Crawfish Creek, Moose Falls earned its name in the late 1800s after explorers of the area saw the abundance of moose that use Yellowstone as a habitat. Moose Falls is a majestic attraction that spans 45 miles so be sure to have your camera ready!

Lewis Falls is another spectacular sight for sore eyes when embarking on your Yellowstone snow coach tour. At 43 feet high and 200 feet across, it is larger and more magnificent in person than what we see in pictures. Just two miles south of Lewis Lake, Lewis Falls is near the halfway point of Yellowstone’s south entrance and Grant Village. Named after the famous Meriwether Lewis, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, these falls are a sight to behold when passing by on tour.

Of course, no Yellowstone snow coach tour would be complete without visiting the park’s most famous geothermal feature – Old Faithful. Yellowstone is the Earth’s largest active geyser field with prominent thermal features such as Old Faithful, Morning Glory Pool, and the colorful Grand Prismatic. These geysers erupt during regularly scheduled times throughout the day, blasting super-heated water as high as 184 feet into the air. It’s even more majestic in the wintertime!

The Grand Prismatic is the largest hot spring in the United States and the third-largest in the world. What makes it so grand? This is the most photographed thermal feature in Yellowstone! Its crazy-bright colors make it so memorable, and you will be riding by in awe as you take in its magnificence from your snow coach. The multicolored layers of the spring get their hues from different thermophile (heat-loving) bacteria living in the progressively cooler water around the spring. And the deep blue center? That’s because water scatters the blue wavelengths of light more than others, reflecting blues to our eyes!

If you’re planning a winter getaway to Yellowstone National Park this year, be sure to book one of the Yellowstone snow coach tours that will take you past these fantastic features. CLICK HERE for some convenient links and info on the companies that offer these!  If you are looking for a truly unique wintertime experience, look no further than these grand excursions into these largely unoccupied lands!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls and nature, and let your senses take it all in.  You’re going to love the way your favorite national park looks in the winter!  And we have many Kabinos that are conveniently located near Yellowstone that are the perfect home base for your adventures!