Big Springs

Whether travelers are taking time out of busy schedules to enjoy time away from the hustle of life, or they’re excited to get into the beauty of nature at its best, Island Park, Idaho is a vacation destination where visitors can enjoy it all and more. Known for its lush terrain, amazing wildlife, and access to incredible National Parks too, Island Park is packed with outdoor fun. Among the many landmarks to be sure to check out while you’re here is Big Springs, ID. Whether you’re one for feeding fish, exploring history, or enjoying the views, you’ll find Big Springs is one of the best places around to do it all.

Take Time to Unwind in Nature

Much like the name indicates, Big Springs is a large spring in Island Park that acts as a headwater of the Snake River. It’s estimated that upward of 120 million gallons of water are produced from the ground here daily, and beyond the impressive numbers, visitors will find a nearby pool that’s relatively tranquil in comparison to what’s happening below ground level. A highlight of visiting Big Springs for many guests is the chance to spot the enormous rainbow trout that are supported by the watery habitat. The abundance of fish and lush terrain in this area brings in other wildlife that visitors can spot during a visit too ranging from bald eagles and waterfowl to white-tail deer and muskrat as well. While a stop here is a chance to feed the fish breadcrumbs, a visit to Big Springs also puts visitors in proximity to Johnny Sack’s Cabin. This historical handcrafted cabin was designed in 1929 and today remains open to the public as a testament to unique settler designs and building methods.

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